Outlines is our third and final single release leading up to the launch of our second album, Ode to Scarlet – out in December. This song was lyrically conceived as a downbeat melancholy track in the same vein as Someone but after various iterations during production it ended up being a very upbeat electronic track closer to the style used on Science, funny how things work out isn’t it?

Diamond Deposits had this to say about the track:

As Birmingham trio (Anthony La Pusata, Darren Barnard and Girish Patel) Chord finalize their LP titled Ode to Scarlet for a December release, they chose to share with us (thank you) a stellar tune with Outlines – with heart beating beats and sky high vocals. A perfect song for those who are just listening and discovering them for the first time and also a tune to keep their fans sated until the imminent release of the album!

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